Lead Times: The completion or installation date we have given you/your dealer is our best estimate of when your order will be completed. This is not a promise. Since we are working with Natural Stone some circumstances do occur that may delay your order. Generally we run 7 days between template and install depending on the details of your project. 


Ready for Template: Your project is ready for template when all cabinets and finish panels have been completely installed, leveled horizontally and vertically. Any/all appliances that meet up to the countertop must be on site and in place unless we specify otherwise so we can get a precise fit (this includes: stoves, cooktops, down drafts, sinks, faucets). Some of these may be taken back to our facility to ensure an accurate cutout is made into the stone. Dishwasher is not needed on site until the installation.


Removal of Existing Tops: If you are using your existing cabinets the old countertops must be removed in order for us to template. We can provide this service at an additional cost but it must be requested before we schedule template so we can plan appropriately. We do not provide plumbing or wiring services and they are not included in your countertop installation. We will disconnect your sink if we are removing your existing tops but we are not responsible for any leaks or damage.


Template: The homeowner or designated decision maker (over the age of 18) must be present at the time of template. This person will have to answer questions about seam locations, overhangs, radius corners and "special designs". All the information taken at template is what we use to fabricate your countertops, therefore, it is necessary that someone that is familiar with your project specs be on site for template. 


Seam: We will judge if your countertop requires requires any seams. Seams are typically between 1/16" to 1/8" in width and will be visible to the eye and touch. Color coordinated epoxy is used to put the seam together.


Installation: Homeowner or designated decision maker needs to be on site for the entire installation. Many times we need to make onsite adjustments and may have questions. On site fabrication may eave residual dust. We will clean up any installation debris and leave the home in "broom" condition. Please note if doing backsplash that walls are never perfectly straight. This means there will most likely be gaps between wall and backsplash. Once complete you are required to inspect the countertops for quality and any damage/concern and sign stating your approval. You have 48 hours to further inspect and report any concern.




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